Amelia Cross, also referred to as The Unknown Plumber or the big slut, was a character in Goin CS, where she disguised herself as a thief for roughly the first half of the game. She is prone to having minor accidents, such as tripping over rugs, nearly blowing up a fucking chemical plant, and other things of the likes. It was believed that she is a Lombax, but the storyline of Ratchet & Clank: Futurama proves this theory wrong, so STFU n00b!

Edit: We're the ones who should STFU, she IS a lombax, in Ratchet & Clank: Fu**. WTF?!

She is also known as "That Dirty Lombax B*tch!".


Amelia used to work at MightyTech in the Bum Bum Galaxy in the Cloning Department. She worked on the original Living Toilet but quit after MightyTech decided to release the Living Toilet before its flaws could be corrected.

Family Edit

  • Angela Cross(Sister)
  • Alexis Angry (Cousin 1)
  • Lucy Mad (Cousin 2)


With the Toilet on the loose, Amelia assumed the role of a plumber. She wore a mask integrated with a voice-distorting device and a hooded suit. With this disguise she stole the Toilet in hopes of destroying it before it could be mass-produced. Following these events, Arther Fizzydrink, owner of MightyTech, summoned Rick and Clark to retrieve the toilet. After her first encounter with Rick, Amelia temporarily poisons Clark. However, Clark is able to recover and rejoins Rick. Later, on planet Shmozzle, Rick is able to kill Amelia and take hold of the toilet, returning it to Fizzydrink. Later Amelia resurrects herself and ambushes Rick on planet Tickass, demanding the toilet, not realizing that Rick didn't have it anymore.


Plunging from her limo on Tickass as she talked to Rick, Amelia's mask came off and her true identity was exposed. She immediately informs Rick and Clark that the Toilet may ultimately obliterate the universe and joins the team in hopes of warning Fizzydrink about the toilets's true power.

She later sent an Interplanetary Greeting Card as a message to Rick and Clark requesting assistance on her home planet of Grobmaan, where the Toilets had begun to invade the refugee camp where she lived.

Amelia invented a Behavior Changer to control behaviour. Quick stole it to control the Toilets himself. After Rick killed the King Toilet, she made out with Rick and Clark. She then demutated the Toilets and turned them into hobos. Her final apperance is in Clark's mansion telling her friends that Quick started working at MightyTech.


  • Amelia was known to be a two-timer, as she made out with both Rick and Clark. On Channel 64, she was known to have denied the affairs.
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