Cryosleep was a weird green gas thought to have been made by a Blarg scientist. In reality it was made by a Technomite who was too small to create it. Instead he managed to communicate with a Blargian by shouting in his ear, the Blarg (as Blarg often did) stole the idea and claimed it as his own. He then trod on the Technomite. Cryosleep had different effects on different things. Some beings, both robots and other beings, were known to cry, others fell asleep, some did both at once. Robotic beings were known to act in very strange ways, some even hallucinated.

Beings who suffered from cryosleepEdit


Clank suffering from cryosleep.

  • Clank - at one point Clank was known to have suffered from cryosleep. He hallucinated and saw a giant red fist punching him. The hallucination was strong enough to knock him out for many years.
  • Ratchet - Ratchet, being a Lombax, simply fell asleep under the affects of cryosleep. There he entered through a magic door to a strange and dangerous land.
  • [[Chuck_Norris]] - Chuck Norris, being a time traveller, was affected by cryosleep millions of years in the future, giving him his massively powerful powers, he then travelled back in time and is now watching for vandals.
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