Darth Vader is an evil doer from an unknown galaxy. He used to be looking for employment. Under his 'armor', there is a secret green stash of crap, which is unknown to someone. It was believed that this stash was a stash of crack cocaine, as he is a crack addict.

Apprentice Edit

He is also known to be working with Klunk, his secret apprentice who he got fed up with and so sold as a slave to Dr. Malarious. What an idiot. He only ever worked with Klunk again once and he sent Klunk on missions to get him some crack.He is also known to have worked with the psycopath Zoni Orvis in missions involving getting drunk (almost all)

Job Edit

He is also a paid assassin sith who was going to be hired by Chairman Drek to kill Ratchet and Clank, in the original, however, George Lucas got angry at this idea and so declared war on Insomniac Games. Lucasfilm won the war, so Darth Vader got scrapped from that game and replaced by Qwark. Later, Insomniac nuked Lucasfilm HQ so tons of weirdos are using Darth Vader like soul caliber because they have no one to stop them. Darth Vader eventually got into Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Ass, Secret Agent 007 and Ratchet & Clank: Futurama as a paid assassin. He also went in the spin off Ratchet:Paid Assasin. He has killed over 1,000,000 targets. He also will appear as another villian in Ratchet & Clank: Fu** as a destroyer of a lot of time he slaughters do-gooders like Jak and will destroy time, to get money, to buy more crack cocaine. He also wants Mars Bars since he cannot get them in his galaxy.