Daxter is another weirdo who rides on Jak's shoulder for fun. He is an Ottsel- a cross between an otter and a weasel but WHY DO WE BLARGIPEDIANS CARE?! HE AINT IN ANY RATCHET AND CLANK GAME EXCEPT ON A BLASTED BILLBOARD SO FORGET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!


Recently, Jak and Daxter pounded the shit out of each other. It started off with a politics question and then an argument over abortion. Jak got pissed so he attacked Daxter. Daxter was really horny, thus he buttraped Jak. The end!

He is just an annoying comic relief character and Jak could do well alone by himself. The series could as well be less similar to Ratchet & Clank by removing such a dumb character. That's a jact jack!