A Fragmite is a racist and ugly person that looks nothing like a mite. It is racist to Lombaxes, and chucks frag grenades at them. They want to take over the galaxy and replace it with frag grenades and Mars bars. Yeah, like that'll ever happen.

The Lombaxes killed them with the Dimensionator Blaster, so they are all gone but Tachyon who brought them back for no good reason.

They killed tons of Lombaxes before they ran out of frag grenades. They are so crappy that Ratchet killed the rest on his own.

Homeworld: Rapeor (also known as "Raper").

They also planned to spend vacation on a resort,in the dimension they were sent to, full of Clargs who are so dumb they want pull bits out of

other planets to make a planet of their own,but the Nombax called Catchet was trying to stop them,and the Fragmites were pulled back by Tachyon brought them back just when they had cleared the resort,and thats why they are secretly planning revenge on Tachyon.