Insomniac Games were the former makers of the Ratchet & Clank series. They catered for insomniacs' as they made their Gaming Easter Eggs only available to be accessed during so called 'sleeping hours'. (Of course, insomniacs don't know what they are...) Anyways, as the name suggests, the action is so good that Ratchet & Clank fans (including insomniacs') couldn't stop buying the next forthcoming games, they set their PlayStation2/3/PSP console to the early hours of the morning to experience the Insomniac Museums, the High Impact Games and so on... later turning into more insomniacs... who forgot about sleep.

Wars Edit

Insomniac games are one of the most war-like companies ever, which is why all their games are about war (e.g Ratchet and Clank and Resistance). They have only ever lost a war with Lucasfilm, although they still nuked them. They are very warlike that they intimidated 2,000 companies to do what they wanted them to, killed 1,000,000 people and destroyed 10,000 companies, most were nintendo stores. But the one war that truly pulled the top was that of when they declared war on Disney. They went on for almost 1,000,000,000,000,000 years until hey hipnotized Disneys leader, Walter. At that point Disney gave up.

Insomniac Games swear on their moms' lives they will not destroy:

  • The Mars Bars (they are all Mars Bar addicts anyway)
  • Companies that are slaves for them
  • High Impact Games
  • The Great Nintendo Wars (they sell too much, so fuckem')
  • Apple (They are afraid that they will bob them with apples)

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