Super evil Klunk!

Klunk was the unknown Clank twin who cleaned toilets in the most time of his life. In the other time he replaces Clank and wants to destroy him and make him cry like a little girl. Klunk was once a young padawan taught by Jedi Clank in the Clank Temple of the Jedi. However, Clank refused to let any of the padawans eat the Mars Bars in the temple kitchen, making the already slightly psychotic Klunk become a sith lord and working for Darth Vader.

Secret Apprentice Edit

He became Darth Vaders secret apprentice, but darth vader didn't let him have Mars Bars either so he annyoed darth vader very much that he got sold as a slave to Dr Malarious he got free though and WE ALL SHOULD BLAME RATCHET!

Job Edit

He is also a pest exterminator sith who slaughters bugs and stuff for fun and for cash the cash gets him Mars Bars that he could never have before which he is addicted to. he eventually got into Secret Agent 007 and Ratchet & Clank: Futurama as a pest control guy.