A Lombax is a domestic cat that originated from the galaxy of Polaris. The only lombax that had immigrated from Polaris was Ratchet - a lombax who had illegally immigrated via a Dimensionator Truck. A typical adult Lombax has around 12 UK gallons of blood in his/her body, which is one of the reasons the games are that bloody.

Notable lombaxes Edit


  • Lombaxes talk due to babel fishes in their ears. Without this aid, they are prone to become 'puss' in boots'.
  • Fragmites are really racist to Lombaxes so tons of Lombaxes die of Frag grenades. Lombaxes now tremble when they get close to a grenade of any kind, and refuse to touch or look at frag grenades, which is a habit all Lombaxes have from birth.


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