The Mars Bars Homeworld is a strange reddish-orange planet where animate mars bars work, rest, and play.

Hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of trillions of teratillions of pentillions of hexillions of Mars Bars manufacturing plant things are on this planet. For some wierd reason, the living Mars Bars ship the inanimate Mars Bars off to other planets.

History Edit

Wars and violence Edit

The Mars Bars Homeworld has fought many wars, one of which is the great fight with Insomniac Games. They have also fought with the Blarg, CoCo Puffs and Reeses. But concidering these guys don't know how to fight a war, they just get eaten. WEAK!

Hippies Edit

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Uhh, only five hippies are on this planet that actually evangelize hardly. They are worth shit and snapple.