Mars bars are a massively addictive chocolate that Tachyon loves. Tons of people in the universe want one. Chairman Drek got promoted to Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman purely because he sold Mars Bars when Gadgetone stopped.

Mars Bars live on the Mars Bars Homeworld.

Abundance Edit

They were once rare and overpriced until Tableman Grek started selling them. Then Chairman Drek made Mars Bar factories all over Orxon and Kerwan in an attempt to get rich.

There are now more than enough for everyone.

Inventors Edit

The Mars Bars were not actually invented The Elders are thought to have invented them but no one came up with it it is from a weird time contium. The Elders got it from theZoni, and the zoni got it from the elders. Confused?

Basically, the Zoni from 3,000 in the future went back in time and gave it to the elders then the elders gave it to the Blarg and zoni from 2,000 years in the future who gave it to ones 3,000 years in the future who gave it to the elders... oh crud now I'm confused. Also, Armotech had a ton of them.

The Paradox Edit

The Zoni from 3,000 years in the future were told by Dr. Malariousto kill ratchet for him because he was too busy playing video games to help. So, as a result, Mars Bars were never invented, which means that tachyon was not lasy and killed Ratchet for Dr Malarious which means the zoni were able to give it to the elderss, blah, blah, blah...

It has been revealed that this will be the main plot in the next game.