Narcoleptic Games is the evil twin brothers of Insomniac Games. They were never Insomniacs, In fact, they loved sleep and biting the heads off teddy bears so much, that they turned to the Dark Side. Later on, some of them discovered Purple Sleeping pills so they left to make Low Impact Games, who made super awesome games that have GOD for graphics. Although, NG still continued to make HORRIBLE games and pirate other company's games. Then, later, while Insomniac was on the Quest for Booty crusades, NG started making games about ninjas, that took 8 trillion years to finish. but they got lazy and started smoking Cryosleep which they got from some dog-like bitch who made out with Ratchet. Later they were gonna make the game, A Crack 'n' Weed, But they fell asleep and the Insomniacs stole it at 2:00 A.M.