Naughty Dog is a weird company that sucks and does not make Ratchet and Clank games, but the Jak and Daxter ones. They became friends with Insomniac Games for some reason, but Naughty Dog does not get Insomniac's respect. All of their pets are dogs that are very naughty and bite tons of companies, except they did not bite IG so they liked them. As a result, IG always refer to Jak and Daxter in their games but stopped now because one naughty dog bit them. They almost declared war, but didn't because they got too sleepy to bother.

Naughty Dog makes games that are not quite as crappy as Insomniac or nearly as violent but involve a lot of swearing so only people over 15's are aloudto play their games . In fact the only game IG have made as good as Naughty Dog is Ratchet & Clank series.

Naughty Dog prefers Hershey's more than Mars bars.

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