The RYNOCIRATOR, also known as the Rip You a New One Cuz I Really Ate Talwyn's Overrated Raygun, was the most powerful weapon ever. The Mega Supa Ultra Killa Megaturret was actually more powerful, but as the RYNOCIRATOR had to be shouted when spoken about everyone thought it was more powerful. It gained it's name when a strange indigenous creature yelled RYNOCIRATOR while eating Talwyn's Raygun and holding the weapon. The creature was eating the raygun as it was more powerful then his own weapon, the RYNOCIRATOR, and the creature wanted his weapon to be top of the Polaris Compendium of Ridiculously Overpowered Weapons. The creature yelled in an attempt to frighten off a nearby person who wanted to hurt him, he failed miserably but escaped by distracting the person with a shot from the RYNOCIRATOR.

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