Ratchet:Paid Assasin is a very crappy pirate copy of Ratchet & Clank series made by High Impact Games. They are too lasy to release it in Japan right now. Oh dear. It has too many playable characters- which are:

Ratchet, a commando

Rick- his first appearance as a playable- a paid assasin

Darth Vader- a paid assasin who is a Sith

Jak- YES WE FINALLY GET HIM IN A RATCHET AND CLANK GAME AFTER ALL THESE MILLENIA!!!!!!!!!!- another paid assasin and Precursors.

The plot Edit

Ratchet has been hired as well as these 2 to kill people. Then they get betrayed by Darth Vader at the end. They fight him. It is the second worst plot for Ratchet and Clank. There is no plot apart from this. Accept it!

Sequel Edit

A rip-off of this game was released later, called Jedi Master Clank, which is also a rip off of Secret Agent 007