Veldin is where Ratchet was sent to by his father so Ratchet could stay away from Tachyon, the mars bar-grabbing Fragmite/Yuk creature. The Thyrranoids then nuked it so Ratchet went to live with Sasha in Starship Phoenix. It was thought that Veldin was were Lombaxes came from but duh it aint cos of Ratchet and Clank Futurama so HAHA! It was also were Rick lived for a short time.

Rachet's home Edit

Veldin was temporarly Ratchet's home that Tableman Grek was building a hotel on but Ratchet didn't want him to because it would be built on the Mars Bar factory (dun dun duuuuuuhh!!!!!!!!) Then Chairman Drek came to the planet to blast it with the Obliterator for fun and for room for his new blasted planet but he was stopped by Ratchet and Clank and his ghost nearly stopped by Rick and Clark.

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